Sweet Moments Cookbook for Mother’s Day

May 2, 2023

Following last year’s inaugural Mother’s Day cookbook’s success, we called out to our homeowners for their favourite family recipes with a sweet-tooth spin this year. Our enthusiastic homeowners across our communities shared delicious recipes, and 20 extraordinary recipes, including a Fantasy Slice, made it to this year’s Sweet Moments Cookbook.


Our CEO Rob Nichols commented, “The Mother’s Day cookbook was a huge success last year, celebrating the many wonderful home cooks within our communities and paying homage to the many women, past and present, who have made a significant and lasting impact in our lives. Due to popular demand and overwhelmingly positive feedback, we have created a new Mother’s Day cookbook because it’s the right of every mum, grandma and great-grandma to spoil loved ones.”


From watching our mums or grandmothers cook and bake, to sharing a sweet treat with a cup of tea, to serving up a showstopper dish to celebrate a special moment, food is a powerful connector. All the Sweet Moments Cookbook recipes embody meaningful moments and capture the love synonymous with our mothers’ powerful presence in our lives.


Allison Sharp, a homeowner at The Anchorage Lifestyle Resort, says of her Nana Poochy’s Biscuit Pastry recipe, “This recipe came from my mum’s handwritten recipe book, which I will always keep with me. I learned my baking skills from my nan, who was an amazing cook and an even better teacher.”


Robyn Gartrell from Tuart Lakes Lifestyle Resort grew up far out of town, so popping down to the shops wasn’t an option. Her mum often had to make do with what was in the pantry, so the Mystery Cake was created using a can of tomato soup.


“About ten years ago, I got out all my old recipe cards, the yellow kind we used to write recipes on and keep in a plastic box. I sat down for about two months and handwrote each of my recipes for all my three children and gave it to them all as gifts,” explained Robyn. “My daughter told me it was the best gift she had ever received, which means the world to me as her mother.”


“The Mother’s Day Sweet Moments Cookbook is a tribute to the many memories that are etched forever in our hearts and minds, as most recipes have been passed down through the generations and shared at special moments. These memories are brought back to life as we cook and share these favourite treats,” adds Rob Nichols.


With over 20 recipes from Serenitas homeowners and staff, the Mother’s Day Sweet Moments Cookbook features favourite go-to recipes that are perfect for when you need to quickly whip up a batch of biscuits or slice celebratory cake or decorate a flan and everything in between.   


As Anna Brown, Resort Manager at Thyme Mareeba, aptly puts it, “Nowadays whenever the family gets together, we always say Mum is with us because there is always a dish that makes us think of her.”


The Mother’s Day Sweet Moments Cookbook is a beautiful, memorable keepsake for Serenitas homeowners and an essential reminder to cherish the women, past and present, who have impacted our lives as we serve their sweet delights to family and friends.