Crowd Pleasers Cookbook

May 17, 2024

This Mother’s Day, we launched our latest cookbook, Crowd Pleasers, a third in the series. Inspired by the social gatherings across each community, the book features recipes contributed by homeowners that hold a special place in their hearts and are loved by many.


Our CEO, Rob Nichols, says, “The Mother’s Day cookbook has garnered immense praise from our communities over the past two years, and we anticipate the same this year. Its success lies in these books being more than just pages filled with recipes. It provides a platform for our homeowners to share their stories and celebrate the diverse talents of the wonderful home cooks within our communities.”


“This cookbook celebrates the connection and camaraderie found in our communities and showcases the magic that happens when people come together over good food. May the recipes within the Crowd Pleasers cookbook inspire people to come together more often and create memories that last a lifetime.”

The Mother’s Day Crowd Pleaser Cookbook showcases over 20 recipes contributed by Serenitas homeowners and staff, served at numerous community events and family gatherings. From Turkish delight-infused cupcakes to traditional frosted carrot cake, from warming Libyan chili soup to tasty Mediterranean-filled peppers or mango chutney chicken, there is something for everyone.


Janice Brown, a homeowner from Thyme Evans Head, says, “My chicken and feta meatballs, are a family favourite, and were the perfect snack to get my children through college. That’s why I still love cooking them. They’re always a hit at Craft Club meetings and social gatherings because they are packed with flavour and completely morish.”


Serenitas homeowner Janet Webster of Thyme Hervey Bay enjoys sharing her special lemon meringue pie, which she leaves in the Clubhouse fridge to surprise and delight fellow homeowners. Elaine Hop, also from Thyme Hervey Bay, receives constant requests for her pumpkin fruitcake at community events, praised for its perfect balance of moisture, natural sweetness, and wholesome goodness.


“Homeowners across Serenitas communities have received The Crowd Pleaser Cookbook as a gift for Mother’s Day. May the cherished recipes within bring joy to households and spark conversations at social gatherings with family and friends,” – Rob Nichols